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Storage facilities and preservation of artifacts


The artifacts preserved in the well-designed storages of KNMM are protected from the damage caused by natural disasters, fire and humans. Since the cavity wall of the storages, which has a hollow space between two walls, prevents harm caused by water leaks and dew condensation, the artifacts are safely preserved.

When air conditioning system does not work because of sudden interruption of electricity supply, the storages built with humidifying panels can keep the temperature and humidity inside constant for a period of time. And automatic fire detectors and fire extinguishing system are used to prevent and put out a fire.

Each artifact is classified differently based on the type and characteristic and preserved in a proper storage with appropriate temperature and humidity.

Current state of storages

Name of storage Type of artifact Size
Storage 1 Collected artifacts under appraisal 509.20
Storage 2 Large models, donated artifacts under appraisal 350.38
Storage 3 Books 244.05
Storage 4 Replicas, models, references 279.72
Storage 5 Paper 479.72
Storage 6 Metal 471.68
Storage 7 Wood 380.16
Storage 8 Clay 275.40
Storage 9 Storage for operation team 299.16
Total 9 storages in total

Photos of storages

Seasonal standard temperature and humidity

Section Metal Wood Paper Clay Others
Temperature(℃) 20±2 20±2 20±2 20±2 20±2
Humidity(%) 40~50 50~60 45~55 45~55 45~55