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Permanent Exhibition Hall 1
Maritime Hall

The Maritime Hall presents different aspects, including records,
art, and daily objects, of the maritime culture that Koreans
from long ago cultivated as they lived alongside the sea. From
depictions of whale hunting in the East Sea thousands of years
ago to mother-of-pearl crafts, seafaring-themed paintings,
and modern fishing activities, the museum introduces various
aspects of maritime culture by theme.


  • Our Sea in Records Humans have long since expressed their firsthand experiences and imagined
    unknown worlds through writing as they lived in harmony with the sea.
    Written texts show us the thoughts and emotions that people have had
    about the sea throughout history.
  • The Sea Through Art People have sought to express what they saw, felt, and experienced as they built
    their lives. These self-expressions come in many different forms, such as written texts,
    drawings, and sometimes even crafts. Through sea-themed paintings and artistic
    crafts adorned with maritime materials, we can see the ocean from a new, aesthetic perspective.
  • The Sea in Our Lives Korean traditional fishing methods were developed as the result of generations of
    Koreans living together by the sea, not against it. Korea’s unique fishing methods
    have been created and passed down for generations, as methods for harvesting
    Korea’s abundant resources from its vast tidal flats and areas where cold and warm
    currents intersect.