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Exhibition on Each Floor


Permanent Exhibition Hall 1
Maritime Hall

Our Sea in Recordsㆍ The Sea Through Artㆍ
The Sea in Our Lives

The Maritime Hall presents different aspects, including records,
art, and daily objects, of the maritime culture that Koreans
from long ago cultivated as they lived alongside the sea. From
depictions of whale hunting in the East Sea thousands of years
ago to mother-of-pearl crafts, seafaring-themed paintings,
and modern fishing activities, the museum introduces various
aspects of maritime culture by theme.


The Aquarium of the National Maritime Museum of Korea is
the space where you can meet 1000 marine creatures of
about 70 species. Our Aquarium protects and preserves
marine creatures as one of the <Institutions specialized in Rescuing
and Treating Marine Animals> and <Marine Species of Wild Fauna
and Flora Ex-Situ Conservation Institution>.

Media Art Gallery

Media Art Gallery is the space where you can experience media
content related to marine biology, maritime industry,
maritime history, and maritime art on the big screen.


Permanent Exhibition Hall 2
Navigation Hall

Guiding the Way on the Seas ㆍ The Era of Navigationㆍ
The Seas We’ve Protected

The Navigation Hall illuminates the many ways people have
traveled around the world through the development of ships,
navigation tools, and navigational techniques. It also provides
a comparative view of the evolution of maritime vessels and
naval activities in Korea. The exhibition details the development
of global navigation technology, worldwide maritime vessels,
and Korea’s navigation vessels and provides insights into global
maritime powers throughout history, reflecting the idea that those who dominate the seas dominate the world.