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Parking lot

Parking capacity

305 vehicles (including 19 spaces for large vehicles and 9 for the handicapped)

Parking fee

Parking fee
Type of Car The first 3 hours Extra charge Maximum fee for one full day
(24 hours)
Passenger car
(less than 15 passenger seats)
2,000 won 100 won for 10 minutes 10,000 won
For large vehicles
(more than 16 passenger seat/
more than 4.5 tons)
4,000 won 200 won for 10 minutes 20,000 won
  • There is no parking fee for a stay of less than 30 minutes.
  • Other fees such as reductions and exemptions are handled in accordance with the parking lot management regulations.
  • 100% free : Visitors for the performance of official duties, volunteer workers, donators of relics, men of Korea National merit.
  • 50% discount : small cars, people with disabilities, green cars, multi-child families (Identification documents should be presented.