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Permanent Exhibition Hall 2
Navigation Hall

The Navigation Hall illuminates the many ways people have
traveled around the world through the development of ships,
navigation tools, and navigational techniques. It also provides
a comparative view of the evolution of maritime vessels and
naval activities in Korea. The exhibition details the development
of global navigation technology, worldwide maritime vessels,
and Korea’s navigation vessels and provides insights into global
maritime powers throughout history, reflecting the idea that those who dominate the seas dominate the world.


  • Guiding the Way on the Seas Various navigation tools were developed and improved to safely and accurately
    navigate the treacherous waters of the world. These tools served as guides for
    explorers venturing into uncharted territories, who upon their return, instilled
    a heightened desire to explore unknown worlds into those around them.
  • The Era of Navigation Throughout history, humans have been curious about what lies beyond the sea’s horizon. As time went on, more sophisticated ships were required to venture farther into the unknown. While the forms and characteristics of ships varied across eras and regions, they gradually evolved to carry more cargo safely and move faster.
  • The Seas We’ve Protected South Korea is surrounded by the sea on three sides, with numerous rivers running
    through its inland regions, enabling maritime exchange between different regions
    in Korea and other countries. A close examination of the distinctive traditional ships
    of various East Asian countries, including those built in Korea, shows the relentless
    efforts that Korea has made throughout the years to protect the sea.